Single-Quadrupole GC/MS MAESTRO- αMS

MAESTRO-αMS – the classical principles of mass-spectrometry expressed with innovative technologies.


New glance at classical approach to mass-spectrometry:

  • Fully isothermic transferline eliminates cold spots in GC-MS interface thus improving peak shapes for late eluting compounds
  • Elegant lines of the front panel made of surface-treated alluminium show our passion for quality in design and materials to buid the instrument you would take pleasure of use.
  • Touch screen for quick and easy control of the system parameters
  • Ion source made of inert ceramics shows no signs of contamination even after 6000 injections of heavy matrix extracts of biological samples and plant extracts
  • Built-in power supply will support the correct system shut-down in case of lab power failure
  • Patented S-curved pre-filter removes photons and neutrals completely to guide the ions into quadrupole without a loss
  • Long-life detector operated at mild settings to extend it’s life ever longer
  • Ion source and electron multiplier are both located on flanges, opposite sides, providing the user direct and easy access to for maintenance or replacement for minimum instrument downtime
  • State of the art high-precision quadrupole mass-filter
  • Modular design of electronics has buit-in diagnostics algorithm to permit self-repair at a fraction of regular service cost from a support

Routine functions and novel features

Excellent Detection Specifications:

Standard operating modes of the quadrupole mass-analyzer, namely:

SCAN, SIM, SCAN/SIM are complemented with unique μSCAN® mode that improves detection capability of target analytes

Novel FlexibleSIM® algorithm improves search for traces of target analytes and increases confidence of their identification in complex extracts

Modern Architecture and Friendly Interface of the Software

Software MAESTRO-Operator® is a powerful set of analytical instruments ranging from qualitative target analytes identification and characterization, all the way through quantitation of all compounds found in a complex sample

  • Аutomated calculation of correct Dwell time
  • Аutomated groupping of the compounds into SIM-segments to improve precision of the collected data


Technical Instrument Specifications:

Mass range: 2-1200 amu

Scan speed: >20000 amu/sec

IDL< 10fg (SIM , 100fg OFM, @ m/z 272)

True linear dynamic range 107

Mass axis stability (drift) < 0.1 amu/ 48hrs