About Us

Q-Tek d.o.o. is a company specializing in development and production of GC (Gas Chromatograph) and Q-MS (Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer) analytical systems for environmental and life-science applications. The key advantage of the company is ability to provide complete solutions for specific tasks of our customers. The company uses a combination of several key competences to implement this approach:

  • R&D Center for development of new technologies in the field of GC and MS with strong theoretical and experimental background;
  • Production Department of GC, MS and GC/MS systems, located in Montenegro, with proprietary manufacturing and assembly line;
  • Development of dedicated software for GC/MS complexes, as well as for GC-only instruments;
  • Application Center for in-house development of analytical methods solving specific tasks of our customers.

Q-tek have implemented Quality Management System according to ISO9001:2015